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Frequently asked questions

Hire us for your widest internet advertising coverage, online viral and massive exposure all over the internet.
01 FAQ What is it like working with African Bro Entertainment?

When you engaged African Bro Entertainment, we always provide our 100% to work for your entity round the clock.


First, we engage you with a series of questions to understand your digital marketing needs, then will carry out situation analysis, do the online media planning, develop the online marketing strategies, select the best digital marketing platforms for your objectives, create all the needed creative works like internet banners, videos, headlines, PR, infographics, promotional piece, etc; and send all the digital marketing creative works to you for approval.


After these, you pay us to kick start your campaign, and we provide you with reports and rundowns on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis or at the end of the campaign.

02 FAQ What is online sponsored advert?

An online sponsored advert simply means paying the website’s owner to place your advert on his/her website. Virtually all profits orientated websites in Nigeria have sections for placing adverts, so when you hire African Bro, we engage these websites’ owners to place your adverts on their websites in Nigeria and beyond.

03 FAQ Why should I hire a digital marketing agency vs. doing it in-house?

Marketing is a field of its own and not for everybody, secondly, digital marketing is evolving, digital marketing tools, and the algorithms that determine search engine ranking, social media marketing exposures, pay per clicks and digital marketing metrics are changing constantly.


Having an agency like African Bro whose full-time job is to keep track of these changes and managing all these will give your company edge over competitors. So do not hesitate to hire AdHang, while you focus on what you can do best.

04 FAQ What digital marketing services in Nigeria can African Bro help us do?

There are many digital marketing services we can help you do in Nigeria – it depends on the type of entity you represent, be it a business, a public figure, an event firm, or an institution such as a church, school, government, etc.
Below are different common questions about African Bro’s digital marketing services in Nigeria and their answers:

What can African Bro help us achieve?

• Awareness
• Educate a target audience
• Get sales (revenue increase, make profits, etc)
• Get customers/clients
• Get users
• Get fans/supporters
• Get downloads (app, music, infographic, catalog, eBook, form, etc)
• Build or repair public opinion
• Public enlightenment
• Remind a target audience about anything
• Reinforce a message or benefits of anything
• Get leads
• Market to buyers for up-sell / cross-sell
• Get voters
• Get followers
• Get distributors / retailers
• Get participants for an event
• Establish a brand as an authority
• Get traffics
• Top search engine ranking of a website or page
• Dominate your industry
• Go viral online

05 FAQ What are the steps to hire African Bro Entertainment as our digital marketing agency in Nigeria?

To hire African Bro as your digital marketing agency in Nigeria, click here.

06 FAQ What marketing strategy can African Bro help us do?
  • Push marketing strategy (marketing targeted at intermediaries such as distributors, wholesalers, or retailers to induce them to recommend, promote and sell your product/service to their customers/subscribers)
  • Pull marketing strategy (marketing targeted at direct consumers to lure them to request/demand for your product/service from intermediaries)
  • Brand positioning strategy (to convince the target market on whatever you want them to think or believe about your solution: quality, affordable, easy of doing business, original, etc)
  • Experiential marketing strategy (advertising strategy with a focus to get consumers to experience your solution/brand, for example, trial version, etc)
  • Market penetration strategy (marketing targeted at luring consumers of a brand to switch, expanding market share, finding a new market, increasing the use rate of product/service, etc)
  • Political marketing strategy (election campaigns to sell a candidate to the electorates)
07 FAQ What components of digital marketing can African Bro help us do?

1. Social media marketing.
2. Search engine marketing (both SEO and sponsored ads).
3. Internet display advertising.
4. Content marketing.
5. Influencers marketing.
6. Mobile marketing.

08 FAQ What types of websites can African Bro help to Advertise on?

• Social networking sites
• News aggregator sites
• Forum sites
• Video publishing sites
• File sharing sites
• Entertainment portals
• Photo sharing sites
• Blogs
• Classified sites
• Event portals
• News sites
• Business directories
• Article directories
• Search engine sites

09 FAQ What types of digital marketing tools can African Bro help on?

• Article writing
• Press release creation
• Fan page design
• Video making
• Blog design
• White paper production
• Headline writing
• Internet presentation creation
• Report writing
• Case study writing
• Image/photo creation
• Website designing
• E-book production
• Internet banner design
• Infographic design
• Podcast production
• Text message writing (also the bulk SMS)
• Newsletter writing (also the bulk email)

10 FAQ What are Special digital marketing services African Bro do?

• Online media planning
• Online market research and strategy
• Advert creation (problem-solution advert, comparison advert, demonstration advert, etc)
• Press release distribution
• Headline writing
• Infographic circulation
• Digital marketing consultation

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