50-year Biafran Dream: Igbo Kwenu (1967-2017)

Together we can be strong, we need no division. Look at this: Oil was discovered first in Nigeria in 1956, we gained independence in 160. Queen Elizabeth ruled us for exactly 3 years and we became a Republic in 1963. Based on logistics, do you think they’ll just discover oil and give us independence 4 years later? Laye!!!

They divided our fathers who fought for independence and predicted we were going to save a civil war 10 years after independence. Shell-BP made the discovery, Shell is still operating in Nigeria and other countries in Africa. Think, use your head youths!!! Nigeria became independent of the United Kingdom in 1970.
The 5 men who made that happen are Herbert Macaulay, Dr Nnamdi Azikwe, Sir Ahmadu Bello & Obafemi Awolowo & Chief Anthony Enahoro. Hausa & Fulani took the Northern part,  While Yoruba and Igbo shared South-West and South-East respectively. The issue is not between Biafra and Nigeria,

It’s between Hausa and Igbos. The issue is not between me and you, It is between our grandfathers and it has been settled. Why take a bullet or pull a trigger for a settled rift?
But chill, what actually happened back in 1966 that gave birth to Biafra? Okay I remember, it was the military coup that Killed Tafawa Balewa and Ahmadu Bello but spared Nnamdi Azikwe.

The Northerners blamed the easterners and played a return match, while Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu declared Republic of Biafra. As quoted earlier on “The fight no be our own, na our papa own”.
If more than one million people died of starvation & Nigeri Biafra was still reabsorbed into Nigeria,
why add up the number of death and Nigeria still stands tall?

Remember how many innocent souls died back then? Remember most of us are unemployed youths and feeding from hand to mouth? Remember those same people we look up to as our leaders go behind us to wine and dine with those we believe we all are fighting against. Just like i said earlier on: “The fight na our papa own, no be our own”. Why break a country that has 2 prominent igbo men (Nnamdi Azikwe & Anthony Enahoro) on the long list of its founders?

Even when Ojukwu died, he was buried in the Nigerian army casket wrapped with the flag of Nigeria.
What we should rather be fighting for is a share of the national cke when it comes to presidents of the country. An igbo man should rule. But wait, why is Nigeria not willing to give an igbo man the mandate to rule self?
Answer: The biafran dream is part, Nigeria wants no division. I salute your persistence in the fight for what you believe to be right, I salute the courage of your children coming out to stand with their father’s legacies and policies, I salute your endurance for 50 years and still counting. But I want to urge you to please let Nigeria remain as one.

Our igbo brothers who have invested in the North should go to where? Those of them who are business owners in the South west should head for where? Our daughters and sons schooling in the North and South-West should head for where? Our uncles and aunties who are married to people from North or south-west should head for where? Our unity as Nigeria and the bond we have enjoyed as brothers and kinsmen from the same country should head for where? Wake up Nwanne, lets unite with the Aboki(s) and the Ogbeni(s), and together we can forget that: Abụ m onye igbo nwoke OR Ni Hausa ne OR Omo Yoruba ni mi & together lets remember that: Anyị niile bụ Nigerians, Mu ne ‘yan Najeriya, Omo Nigeria rere ni gbogbo wa.



NB: As fo me AfricanBro. I believe the right thing should be done. Let us take the right decision on the matter at hand. God help us all.. Thank you

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