Ghana is one of the coastal states of Africa. Dubbed several names such as the gateway to West Africa, Africa’s beacon of hope etc., it boasts of a rich history, which is it is dotted with a myriad of significant events.

And Ghana turns 60

It was the first sub – Saharan country to gain independence and as a result, charted the course for thirty other African countries to wean themselves off the shackles of colonial rule within the following decade. It went on to achieve Republican status a few years later. Through the torrid years of its political history, which was interspersed with military interventions, it, today boasts of sound democratic governance, respect for provisions of its Constitution such as the rule of law, respect for fundamental human rights as well as the creation of a conducive atmosphere for all arms of government and other agencies of the State to conduct their activities.

A decade ago, the celebration of its golden jubilee brought to fore the rich cultural heritage, a showcase of its splendour and an awakening of the patriotic spirit of its citizens. Various activities were lined up, and lots of that which was seen, heard and experienced may be forever etched in the hearts and minds of people for years to come. Now in its sixtieth year of independence, the country is ready to prove to the world that it is still a force to reckon with regard to its rich cultural heritage, political maturity, socio – economic growth and general progress in the lives of its citizens.

Stories are usually told of the general ambience of Ghana’s business sector few generations ago. The tales were to the effect that, but for the coup d’états that resulted in the unexpected changes in government, those with the entrepreneurial acumen were laying the foundation for what was to result in that kind of nirvana all citizens relished – a business climate that was ready to utilise available resources for the benefit of all. Statutorily, most employees who turn 60 years are to proceed on employment, as, by then, the person is expected to rest from the continuous duels with the rigours of the world of work. It is only in special circumstances that such employees may be permitted to carry for a specified number of years after attaining the age of 60.

The country is nevertheless expected to harness all of the experience it has gathered in its 60 years of independence and channel them towards the realisation of feasible goals that would better the lives of the populace. And so we wait with bated breath, akin to that of the expectant child on the occasion of an oncoming memorable event.

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