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Right from the conception of this vision (striving to make the world a better place). Our go to market strategy has always been about doing things in order to get maximum reach and impressions. We are not here to tell you about a specific number of unique page visitors, Alexa ranking, Google analytics etc. There are free tools online to check our fact. What is our fact? We have a massive fan and potential fan base across all platforms enshrined in our About us section.  We won’t relent in our continued effort in bringing you latest Entertaining news, unique hilarious quotes and so on. Thank you for identifying African Bro as the right choice to get your product, service and that great message to millions, thousands and hundreds.

Thank you for identifying African Bro as the right choice to get your product, service and that great message to millions, thousands and hundreds.

If you believe your product has a good commercial viability, then we have several packages for you. They include:-

1. Event Hype.

2. Contract / Sales Leads.

3. Brand/Business Hype.

4. Network Marketing Hype.

And so on..

Our charges vary on each, due to your individually tailored needs.

For banner/visual adverts, images must be in jpg format, an HD artwork is a plus, of either

1. 300*250, 728*90, 468*60, 336*280

2. *250 320*50

With options of them appearing in either the sidebar of all posts, on all mobile pages and all single post pages on the web and mobile view.

For more info on each package, please send an e-mail to indicating:
A) Your Full name and phone number.
B) The name, description and web address (if any) of each product/service you want to advertise.


On other means of contacting us, click here. or fill this form below:

You will be contacted on how to pay for your ads after verifying that your product is suitable for promotion on African Bro.

Once payment is confirmed and ads/promotional materials acknowledged, we’ll upload your Image/text ads and activate them within minutes or hours.

We looking forward to enjoying the privilege of promoting your business.

Important facts to note – Caveat included

  • Your advertisement banner will feature in all categories of the website
  • Once your post is published, it will be posted on our Facebook page. (1time post)
  • You get one sidebar advert on the right of the blog (300×250, 336*280)
  • You get one post insertion bar below the various posts on the website. (468×60)
  • All ads should be sent in jpeg or gif format to no later than 2 working days prior to insertion
  • Please include your company name and the URL to which your ad should link. (If available)
  • All ads on are prepaid
  • generates great views from Nigeria | Ghana | South Africa |United States | Europe | Canada

Thank you for your genuine interest in reaching out to a target audience via our platform. We are look forward to a lasting business relationship with you.

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