African countries have been reprimanded to fuse themselves among the world’s technology value chain and not only educating themselves to use technologies. The founder and president of Ashesi University College, Dr. Partrick Awuah, who threw the challenge said many Africans were using tech devices which don’t originate from the continent and, therefore urged African leaders to educate their citizens to leverage on the market economies through economic integration.

“West Africa must be integrated with Central, Eastern, Southern and Northern trade blocks as fundamental building blocks for economic development, ” Dr. Patrick Said. He is an engineer, educationist and entrepreneur, was contributing to a panel discussion on the topic, ‘Fostering economic development through transformational leadership’ at the third Mandela Washington Fellowship West Africa Regional Conference in Accra Wednesday.

The two-day event would focus on, “promoting regional development in Africa through youth innovation and leadership.” There were more than 200 participants drawn from West and Central Africa including Liberia, Mali< Cameroon, Nigeria and Ghana.

The Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders began in 2014 and it was the flagship programme of the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) which was launched in 2010 by former US President Barack Obama to empower young people through academic course work and leadership.

He said Africa must share its ideas with other societies so that it could build intercultural understanding and facilitate Africa’s transformation.

Dr Awuah said African leaders must operate with the goal that Africa would one day be equal with the rest of the world in terms of economic, social, political, scientific and cultural outputs. African leadership should, therefore, work towards ensuring the freedoms and empowerments of its citizen, she said.

Mr James Mulbah, the chief executive officer of Green Cities Incorporated from Liberia, whose company specialised in waste management, said Africa was generating 106 million tonnes of waste per year and urged the leaders to ensure sustainable recycling of waste.

He said waste management was a global challenge and there must be conscious effort to deal with it. Mr Mulbah said he established the waste management company that undertook research into recycling of waste by focusing on waste value chain and seperating them into various components to be used in producing biogas, fertilizers and animal feed.

In addition, the recycled plastic waste was subsequently sold to schools at discount prices in order to reduce importation of plastic materials. YALI has four centres on the continent including Kenta, Ghana, South Africa and Senegal that trains young leaders in leadership, entrepreneurship and professional development.

Former president Barack Obama initiated the move to support young African leaders to spur growth and prosperity, strenghten democratic governance and enhance peace and security across the continent.

Source: Ghana News Agency.

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