An African Bro fan needs your Advice…. No insults please

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Hi, please I need a very urgent candid advice from your readers. Let my identity be hidden, please.
I am an undergraduate student of one of the universities in Nigeria, I met a particular guy during my internship that ended March this year.

As at the time I met the guy, I was working on a project which I had
to do some research and experiment on because I never wanted the book to be an ordinary fictional book. In the process the guy thought I was ready to have intimacy with him, I became confused on how
to make him realise I was only experimenting some certain facts. A day came, he invited me to his house of which I honoured and I used the opportunity to explain things to him but I guess I had already led him on. To cut the long story short, he forcefully had his way with me despite all my cries and pleas.

He sent me an apology text a day after the incident. I left Lagos few days after the incident because I was resuming school… I made sure I took all necessary drugs tho. But a time came, I realised I was already having some strange feelings for the guy because I realise I constantly think about him, always having the urge
to speak with him or chat him up……We decided to make things out and we were good.
About a month later, I discovered I was few weeks gone… How it happened I cannot tell because I took all necessary drugs tho about three-four days after the whole thing. I told him about the new development and he insists I abort the baby. I don’t want to commit abortion because I may have complication due to
some medical issues and also because I see abortion as committing murder, I preach against it now am in the sea.
Keeping the baby will truncate my education and
considering the story that led to the whole thing, what do I tell the baby? That he/ she came as a result of rape and the father decided not to take up responsibilities? Please help me share my story with your noble
readers I need their candid advice….. I’ll be grateful

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