International Albinism Awareness Day 2017

Aren’t you ashamed of yourself for the way you treat albinos?
Aren’t you ashamed of yourself for discriminating against them?
Aren’t you ashamed of yourself for neglecting an offspring from God?
Aren’t you ashamed of yourself for making it look like they don’t matter to the society?
Aren’t you ashamed of yourself for you are not perfect but believe Albinos have defects?

As there is no cure for Albinism yet, why make them feel like a walking dead? You show love to people living with HIV (even though most of them got it through fornication) and discriminate against people who have natural defects that have no cure. Their skins burn under the sun, Their vision gets impaired, They have higher chances of getting skin cancer during their lifetime, And the little love they can get from you as a friend or relative, You still discriminate.

Among those people you discriminate against, we have successful ones among them. Singer “Salif Keita” from Mali is a music legend. He lives with albinism, the list goes on.. Shame on you for using Albinos as a sacrifice to your gods!!! Shame on you for discriminating against Albinos and making Shame on you for the superstitious beliefs you have about Albinism!!! Shame on you for Stop the discrimination against those living with Albinism.


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