Ghanaian Prophet, Obinim Tries To Fly To Heaven During Church Service

In a new video trending online, a Ghanaian prophet named Bishop Daniel Obinim allegedly tried to fly to heaven during a church service.

According to reports, the prophet told the congregation that he was going to visit God in heaven.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, the self-acclaimed angel of God was seen opening his arms and readies himself to be airlifted to meet his father Jesus.

But moments after, the controversial prophet ran and threw himself unto the members of his church, who did not want him to fly and leave them behind.

See the video below:

Daniel Obinim, also known as Bishop Obinim or Angel Obinim (b. 29 August, 1977), is a Ghanaian pastor known for self-proclaimed spiritual powers and extreme Christian practices which have often sparked national outrage for infringement on rights of church members. Many have accused him of being a bogus preacher.

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