Can we all be children again?

I miss those old days,

Those good old days when we mix together like we never offend ourselves,

Those days when we open up to one another without the fear of being judged.

Those old days of sweet memories…

Can we all be children again?

Those old days were so beautiful…

We had such sweet memories that can never be forgotten,

Memories we all wish could repeat themselves over and over again,

Those old days will forever live in our hearts…

Can we all be children again?

There’s something we have all lost along the journey of life,

I wish we all could find what it is and become united as we used to be, Being united is what makes life so beautiful and meaningful.

We need to find this unity again and give life its meaning…

Can we all be children again?

Can we cast our fears to the winds and embrace one another in love?

The essence of life is in the beautiful relationships we keep,

These relationships are the basis on which we survive life.

Can we find ourselves again and embrace the beauty of life.

Life is beautiful

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