My mother bore me in the western planes of Africa


My mother bore me in the western planes of Africa and i’m a black,  but my soul is white, as white as an angel in a white man’s books but i’m black as a Shadow.
Oh yeah… I was birthed in his image.

My mother taught me underneath that familiar mango tree, and sitting down before the heat of the day.She took me on her lap and pointing to the east where the yellowish sun rises ….. She began to say

Look at the rising sun my son ..there God lives and that’s why he gives us light to clear the darken world .light to the flowers, trees , beast and men receive comfort in the morning , joy in the noonday and blessings at night.

She neither taught me about libation nor did she train me with concoction …she only coaches me about God.

The God of an African.

Happy mother’s Day

#Kels D’Poet

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One Comment

  1. Otobong

    May 14, 2017 at 5:51 pm

    Nice piece.


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