Pilot Photoshops himself outside Flying Aeroplane with Selfie stick – (Photos)

But as well as beautiful views, some selfies and pictures from inside his control room, PilotGanso has posted some almost too-incredible-to-believe photos of him leaning out of the aeroplane window while flying.

And when we say ‘almost too-incredible-to-believe? Yeah, it’s actually because they are fake, and people have been calling him out all over Instagram for it.

On a photo of the pilot flying over New York, one person commented, “No way dude that must be fake“, while another added, “Fake..by photoshop“. A third said, “How the hell is this possible?
The answer, unsurprisingly, is that is isn’t, and the pilot has now started declaring in his captions that the photos are indeed Photoshopped.

Photoshop mode ON⚠“, he wrote below the photo over NYC, while he added, “I have to let you know that photo is fake guys, just in case” to another.

According to aviation blogger Jason Rabinowitz, it wouldn’t even be possible to open the cabin door or a window while the plane is in the air.

“When at cruising altitude, the pressure difference between the outside of the plane and the inside of the plane, which is pressurised, creates a situation where the door cannot open”, he told Travel and Leisure.

We can all go back to admiring the excellent editing skills, then.

What opening a plane door mid-flight would do?

Why you shouldn’t fall asleep during take off?

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