A wonderful five (5) minutes of advice from the co-founder of BlueSkies

The second pitch for the ongoing Kosmos Innovation Center competition went down at the ISSER (Institute of Social Statistical and Economic Research – Annex ) at Legon campus on 30th May 2017. At this stage, all the 11 teams that qualified were fully represented.

Mr Seth Dei is the co-founder of blue skies company limited. He is a member of the Kosmos Energy advisory council.

Started in 1998, with only 30 employees, and the company grew at a rate of 20% per year.
At the moment, they are the biggest company in Ghana, with over 4000 employees.
They focused on cutting fruits which are not even grown in Ghana. E.G watermelon, Pomegranates.
A factory in Egypt, South Africa, in Brazil (Mangoes can be gotten all year round, the country is so large that at the different place, you will find different climates).
He went further to emphasise on the fact that the KIC Agripreneurs should focus on a business module that is really viable and can put money in their pockets.
He reiterated that, even though you don’t make it to the next round go the programme, you should not give up, but pursue your idea. If you stop here, you will just fail and crash.
Mr Seth Dei expressed a sincere gratitude to those that pitched their various ideas.
Want to know more about Blue Skies? Visit http://www.blueskies.com/about

Snippet:”The company was founded by Anthony Pile and began by exporting premium quality freshly cut fruit to supermarkets in Europe.

From the beginning, the company’s approach differed to its competitors because it believes in ‘adding value at source’. This means the majority of Blue Skies products are cut and packed in the country of origin, rather than shipped overseas and processed elsewhere. This philosophy not only enables Blue Skies to deliver a better quality product but also helps to generate social and economic development within the country where the fruit is grown. Today Blue Skies continues to supply a variety of retailers throughout the world with exceptional quality ‘fresh from harvest fruit’. It employs over 4,000 people at its factories in Ghana, Egypt, South Africa, Brazil and the UK.”

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