Resounding discovery! Depression is common amongst young entrepreneurs.

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Who is a young entrepreneur?

  • If you are a young person, and you find yourself in the entrepreneurial path, then you are a young entrepreneur.
  • If you are an individual who recently ventured into entrepreneurship, you are also a young entrepreneur.

This journey comes with a lot of hurdles, challenges and drawbacks. Looking at the whole matrix if your financial analysis, you have to pay employees salary or wages, remain liquid all year round, setting and meeting targets, monitoring competitors, trying to stay ahead of the competition. Now, when this business is still struggling to break even, my special one reading this, you can easily become depressed.

However, AB(African Bro) says, don’t give up yet, we know depression is a state of mind is a common but serious mood disorder. It causes severe symptoms that can affect how you feel, think, act and perceive the world in general. This mental state can be diagnosed under several conditions, this state often triggers several emotional flushes such as constant or periodic shedding of tears, unusual mood swings, an outburst of anger etc.

The big question is, “how can I get myself out of protected from this negative state? Or how can I get myself off this state?”
Nowadays, depression is one of the widely spread disorders that has affected millions all over the world. So far there is no cure for this, however, those who find themselves in such states are taken through bouts of therapy.

NB: if you have a dear one or close friend who is in this category, just know what you have to be an asset to them (in other words, your encouragement and support is vital). A very basic step is to offer motivation to these people to live on, that the bridge can be crossed and that goal achieved.

You can take these steps from me to deal with depression:
I call this, “The Depression overcomer -DIY (do it yourself).

  1. Employ the principles of delegation

This is your one stop shop to relief yourself of that heavy burden, find those people who find themselves in your trust network and give them the task. Most at times, we don’t want to delegate because we feel that no one can do this job the way you picture it to be, it could also be a factor of stealing of IP (intellectual property) etc. Make sure you give it to that person or team that understand your temperament, your sins of judgement and believe in your vision.

2. Take a break, do a sport or recreational activity you love

If you can, please take time off your tight schedule and do something else you enjoy. It could be playing video games (Haha! My favourite is VR games), hanging around friends, reading or watching your favorite movies, playing good music (FYI, I can’t dance) etc.

3. Make sure you make yourself comfortable in your work environment

One key thing to note is that if you work under an environment that irritates you or an environment you feel threatened by. Apply this:Try to adapt, and if you can, please change your environment. You easily avert the state of depression by simple working in a relaxed environment and you don’t have to overwork yourself on the job.

4. Don’t be too hard on yourself (For a helper)

NB: If you want to help the person to cope with depression, you should not be hard on yourself.Try not to keep your own spirits high, because it is mentally difficult to be surrounded by a depressed individual. When you get wrapped up in the problems of other people, you become less resistant to stress and depressive moods. Yourself and the depressed individual should have a desire to win depression. All you need to do is to show your love and support.


Please if you have any more tips to proffer, feel free to get in touch so it can be added.

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