After using your strength to bring out the first form of a child for the mother to carry,

After providing for the child right from pregnancy till the day you die,

After tirelessly most of your life so the child is comfortable, 

After going hungry countless times, just to send the child to school,

After wearing one pair of shoe so the child has money to buy more shoes,

You as a child dare say you don’t know there is a day in every year called “Father’s day”?

Shame on you (one), Shame one you (two) & Shame on you (…)

Who is to blame?

As kels d poet would say: “Blame it on the rain or blame it on the drain?”

Blame it on the child, the society or blame it on the mother?

Who does the shoe lace fit? Tell me so we lace it up.

The society potrays the father to be a plan B when the mother is not available,

Meanwhile for the child to even be born, the father was not just plan A but the master plan.

The child sees the mother as the one who cares and the father as the one who give orders,

The mother naturally has an upper hand over the father, even the holy books says that.

But who else agrees with me that nobody is to blame?

If none, i agree with myself that noone is to blame.

Adam was the first man on earth, i repeat the first man.

Eve was not just the first woman but the first to start exploring the garden, uncle Adam was just wandering about naked!!!

80% of great men who met their doom/ would meet their doom was caused by women/would be caused by a woman

David in the bible, Adam (The first man on earth), Abacha, Hitler and the list goes on.

As a child grows, he/she learns to obey their father mostly out of fear and obey their mother cause of a bigger piece of meat for dinner.

We all would not have been sinners nor would we have worn clothes,

Thanks to a woman who ate the apple and we all can wear gucci, use iphones and watch movies.

Imagine the world if eve never ate the apple (Make a pictorial representation in your mind).

We are not dragging your powers and might with you our dear mothers, all we fathers are asking of is that:

Just remember we all need each other to complement one another.

We are not dragging the fact that your mum loves you dear child, all we fathers are asking of is that:

Just remember if we don’t love you too, we won’t be making all this sacrifice just to put a smile on your face.

How can you be a mother if the child has no father?

LESSON: We all are involved in the child’s journey to earth, therefore we all deserve to be appreciated.

Since i have no child now who would claim to have forgotten today is fathers day, but would prob throw a surprise mothers day party for his prospective mum, 

I’ll do myself the honor of wishing myself in advance cause i’ll one day be one and respect myself by wishing my dad cause he is already one.

My Dad is a legend, what about yours? Happy Legends day Dad!!!


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