University student warned over loud love making at night

There was drama in Migosi on Sunday, after students issued a stern warning to one of their colleague who causes them sleepless nights during his lovemaking sessions.

The student who schools at a local university in Kisumu was accused of denying his fellow students sleep, when he is engaging in the act with her girlfriend who stays with him in the same room.

“He came here recently and now he is denying us peace. Her girlfriend is screaming day and night. What will happen when our family visits? Some of us will get embarrassed,” said Eric, a Maseno University student.

Reports indicate that the landlord has warned the student on several occasions, only to do nothing to correct the situation.

On Sunday, students threw leaflets at his door, warning him to change tune or get ready for the consequences.

“I am not the one who did but I know everyone is not happy. The problem is, no one is used to him. That makes it difficult to approach him,” he added.

The tenants are now hoping that the student will make some changes when the message reaches him as written on the leaflets.

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